Low Support Heynckes Train Bayern Munich

Low Support Heynckes Train Bayern Munich

Germany coach Joachim Low is reportedly supporting Jupp Heynckes to become Bayern Munich’s next coach.

He considered Heynckes the only suitable coach to replace Carlo Ancelotti as the next Bavarian manager.

Some time ago the Bayern finally decided to fire Ancelotti, who was not able to bring changes to his club.

However Thursday, Heynckes claimed to have received an offer from the Munchen and is currently considering it.

Low said “I think Heynckes is the right coach to replace Ancelotti.”

“For that I continue to support Heynckes as soon as Munchen coach.”

“I feel sure Heynckes also has a solution to bring Munchen back out of the downturn.”

“Heynckes is a great coach. Moreover, he already has a lot of experience. “

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