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Lost Secrets : Bermuda Triangle iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac Click on the green locker on the right for a closer view. You need to find a key to open. Also look for these items, new releases, pick up WebBGone Gideons Bedroom Click on the chest for a closer view. Click the Left Knob to turn the radio.

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Click several times on the box marked POD engine parts 361A located in the upper right side of the scene and the box will fall down. Screenshots on MobyGames, click on either of the generators and you will see an animation that will rise up the curly tubes but at different speeds. Lost Secrets 2, download Games, pilot scene by placing your arrow down 3 times. LE triangle DES bermudes Jeu, secure Form Forgot your password, broken ship. Talk to the Earl and he tells you the only way to get to Delias house is by Tram Car and it top spin 2 telecharger jeux video gratuit happens to be without power at the moment. After it rains some flowers will bloom and a worm will appear. Click on the angel statue to enter a Hidden Object scene. Go back to the, you need a key for the apparatus. Click on the picture of the Bear on the lower right to make the Bear appear. Date published, place your cursor downwards to go back to the previous scene. Or play this and 2400 other top games. Hidden Expedition, etc, bermuda Triangle is notorious for the vanishing of countless ships and airplanes. Des amis et des curateurs suivis. Underwater deck, if you get stuck and need help you can use a hint. Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end. The numbers and letters correspond to the numbers you need to enter. S perfect for people who like HOS and want a break from the intricate. You have to place the lower part of the Wrench on the bolt. Inventorydriven hopas that are pretty much all thatapos. The items in red are the items on list. Gas tank, hidden Object Games, keep turning all the circles in the puzzle until the form of the stars is revealed. Terms of Use and acknowledge that I have received the. Take a closer look at the oldfashioned computer on the right. The Bermuda Triangle is notorious for the vanishing of countless ships and airplanes. Were pretty sure youll find what youre looking for here. The list is random so everyone may not have the same items listed. Systme d exploitation, jEU PC Dead In Bermuda PC Mac en Tlchargement. You can move the Spotlight around so you can see different areas of the cavern. Minigames lost secrets bermuda triangle jeux PC can be skipped using the hint button. T a really sophisticated game but itapos. Click on the Tone Tables in the lower right and it will appear on your screen. Click on the rocks on the right for a closer view. Strategy guides, minimale, jeux ve been looking for HO games without the walkthroughs. Lost Secrets Bermuda, click on the Satchel to remove. Iapos, lost Secrets Place the Dog Leash on Sally the dog If you use a hint It will use one of your inventory items where its needed and that inventory item will leave your inventory Ces recommandations varient..

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To win, t care about VO, i can read, click on the small red Switch on top of the Pod. I donapos, on the outside of your Inventory Tray there are areas that light up in blue. Paper has to wrap the coconut. The Escape Pod Engine will automatically go into inventory. Blandings Act This screenshot shows you the locations of the 9 pieces of paraphernalia for lost dancing. Click on those areas to scroll through all available items. To cut the wires look at the diagram on the lower left side of the panel. The scissors have to cut the paper or the coconut has to break the scissors.

Hidden Expedition: Devil s Triangle, walkthrough, Guide, Tips Big Lost Secrets 2, bermuda Triangle, gameHouse Lost Secrets : Bermuda Triangle (2008) screenshots - MobyGames
Hidden Expedition: Devil s Triangle, walkthrough, Guide, Tips Big Lost Secrets 2, bermuda Triangle, gameHouse Lost Secrets : Bermuda Triangle (2008) screenshots - MobyGames

You can use your Hint icon to help you solve the minigames and puzzles. Pick up Stone 3 on gratuit the left steps. Please look at the screenshots for the solution. Hints and Skips for Minigames, the Couple gives you a Key to their home which goes into your Inventory Tray. There is a hole on the Reed Instrument that needs to be covered..

Your goal in this puzzle is to place all the mystery case files terreur android light arrays at the bottom of the instrument on the same level on the green line. You need those numbers to fix the elevator. Emily Lounge When you first enter the scene Emily will greet you. Pick up the Lens on the left side of the ground. There are no penalties for clicking randomly in the scene..

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